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Social Media Services

My Pocket Partner offers so many features in our packages (at a great rate!) that sometimes... it just sounds like a whole bunch of hooplah.

Here are some of the features you can expect when signing on a social media management package with us! You also have the opportunity purchase these services seperately.


The Support Features

We take being a "partner" seriously.

We listen hard to understand your business and needs. That's why no matter what service we provide, you will always have an marketing expert to refer to.

Account Manager
In all our social media package and power-up services, you will have a social media manager to help you run your accounts.
Social Media Audit
We will review all of your social media accounts schedule a kick-off call with you to provide a summary of the good and the bad of your social media accounts.
Monthly 30 Min Check-In Call
This check-in call can be used to provide updates on strategy or brainstorming new creative ways to improve our tactics for social media.

The Essential Features

Why does social media feel like such a chore for most business owners? That’s because it is!

Most brands take at least 20 hours a month to manage. We give you back the time to focus on improving your products/services while scaling your business as an extension of your team!

Social Media Management
This refers to the number of social media accounts we will manage for you. Posts will be optimized individually for each platform.
Account Creation & Optimization
Whether or not you're starting from scratch or you already have social media set up, we optimize your accounts to look AND feel official.
Custom Hashtags
We will provide an extensive list ofhashtags to use within your niche to grow your social media accounts. These will be separated into different topic categories.
Captions / Post Writing
We use our creative prowess to write engaging captions and posts using your brand's language and tone for all your social media accounts.
Social Media Calendar
We provide a social media calendar for you to review every month before executing your deliverables.
Community Management
We monitor all incoming messages, DMs, reviews, tags, and requests, and engage with your audiences through your business's standard of operation.
Content Curation
Not enough photos, videos, or blogs of your business to use for social media? We do the research to find relevant topics and the latest news within your industry to post as original content for your social media.
Post Management & Scheduling
We will schedule and post all your images/videos, captions, and articles on social media, and ensure that you don't miss a day of posting!
Story Creation & Scheduling
We manually post your stories on social media to ensure that your audience has more opportunities to engage with you on a personal level.
Reel Creation & Scheduling
We manually post your reels and push them out to the widest audience possible.

The Creative Features

This is where we have fun! All content created is supervised by a creative director to ensure that your designs stay on brand.

Graphic Design (Posts)
No two social media graphic designs are the same. We use your colors, theme, voice, and style to create custom images that fit your branding. This helps make your social media feed look more professional, cohesive, and socially relevant.
Graphic Design (Stories)
Unlike our typical graphic design posts, these stories are meant for fun, personal engagement with your audiences. Let us help you share your behind-the-scenes and personality through our branded story creation!
Carousels + Infographics
Carousels and infographics are fun resources to show your expertise in the industry. Our team will do research in your industry and create highly valuable and shareable posts that people can bookmark and reference in the future.
Video Editing
Most social media platforms highly favor video content above all else. We provide basic social media video editing for all videos you provide for us or videos we create for you.

The Next-Level Growth Features

Take your social media to the next level by incorporating these features into your package.

We provide a strategy for you that includes (but is not limited to) a full analysis of your social media marketing strategy, target audiences, hashtags, and suggestions on your content pillars and execution. When purchasing a package from us, a complimentary basic strategy is already included!
Monthly Report
Every month, we provide you a presentation of your social media accounts' metrics including an analysis from our strategists. We also provide recommendations to improve your tactics moving forward.
Strategy Audit
We will audit and analyze the performance of your accounts every 3 months and revise your strategy. This means changing your best times to post, hashtags, content strategy, and more.
Automated Engagement
We use a secure system to keep engagement running to grow your followers and engagement.
Manual Engagement
Manual engagement includes our managers doing hands-on engagement on your account. This means about 1 hour a day (M-F) of following, liking, commenting, reacting, etc. on any social media account.
Post Promotion & Management
We take a percentage of the budget you provide us every month to increase impressions, reach, and views. The primary purpose of this is not to gain leads (though you might get some!) but to expand your brand to a wider audience not generally reached through organic methods.

Paid Social Media

Ready to get off organic?

We offer paid ads for Facebook/Instagram (this counts as 1 platform unless the client wants Instagram content boosted), Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Twitter. We provide the following deliverables:

Audit & Strategy
We include an analysis of client goals to make recommendations for channels and ad objectives.
Tracking Pixel & Conversion Tracking Setup
We install the platform's tracking pixel(s) on your website and conversion tracking like button clicks, key page views, sales, etc.
Target Audience Setup
We setup audiences to target based on client's email lists, current customers, or new target audiences based on location, job titles, interests, etc.
Ad Creation
We develop and set up creative and copy for campaigns including using existing photo assets, stock photos, or creating graphics and/or animations.
We monitor and make adjustments to campaign creatives, objectives, and targeting as need (reviewed weekly).
Monthly Report
We provide a report on your data with reccomendations.