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About the Project

BLOCK is an award-winning short film built around a young woman’s coming out story. The film highlights sexuality, mental health, and friendship.

Contracted under our agency, we worked with the director to promote their virtual premiere. Over a period of six weeks, we worked on content creation, social media strategy, and audience engagement. By the time of the virtual premiere, BLOCK sold more tickets than they planned and extended their online streaming to meet online demand.


Virtual Premiere Strategy
Facebook & Instagram Management
Organic Facebook & Instagram Marketing
Graphic Design for Social Media Posts and Advertisements
Content Creation
Targeted Audience Engagement
IG Reel Curation + Editing
Scheduling IG Lives


Increased Instagram followers by 58.5% with an extra 480 followers and reached 10% engagement rate in 6 weeks through the use of high quality visuals, content marketing, targeted hashtags, and engagement strategy

Sold over 600 tickets through Facebook and Instagram, exceeding their original goal of 500.