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Meet Your Pocket Partners

Mae Claire Cosico

Mae Claire Cosico

Founder & CEO

I am the founder and very first Pocket Partner. In the midst of all the data-driven algorithms and analytics involved in small business and digital marketing, I am an artist and storyteller at heart.

Before starting My Pocket Partner, I hopped around all types of jobs related to marketing, social media, SEO, website development, design, PR, and sales (Heck, I even had a license to sell life and health insurance at one point!) until I really settled into my position as a project manager for a digital marketing agency. I was able to gain even more marketing experience in other niche industries such as food, beauty, entertainment, technology, medical, health, and real estate.

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Phil Cosico

Co-Founder & COO

I am the Co-Founder and COO for My Pocket Partner. For the last 4 years, I have dedicated my time in corporate logistics with one of the world’s largest retail companies and building start-up facilities from the bottom-up. After having a taste of the corporate world, I’m determined to create something of great value that will allow me to choose how and when I want to work.

I pride myself on my abilities in leadership, strategy, team-building, and producing data-driven results while creating strong organizational infrastructures. Critical thinking and problem-solving are my favorite aspects of business development. My determination in seeing something through from start to finish is unrivaled.

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Caroline Hess

Partner & Paid Media Specialist

I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2018 and have been building my career in marketing ever since. After serving as the Chief Operating Officer for NXTFactor, I started my own creative marketing agency, True Blue Creatives.

Our Official Partner

True Blue Creatives opened in 2020 with the goal of helping businesses of all sizes reach their full potential. My Pocket Partner works hand-in-hand with TBC to recommend services that we believe will maximize our clients’ growth. Through branding, digital marketing, website development, and paid ads, TBC’s team is a one-stop shop for businesses to grow their brand and customer base. http://truebluecreatives.com/


Josephine Tanopo

Web Developer & Designer

I am a graphic designer based out of Southern New Jersey and I’m here to bring your creative ideas into reality! I specialize in illustration, graphical design, and web design and have experience in animation and interactive design. I’m capable of producing a variety of design styles ranging from cute hand-drawn illustrations to marketing materials for corporate-style businesses. I am always open to new creative projects and expanding my skills and knowledge.

I am a second-generation Filipina and grew up with conservative parents who have always wanted me to pursue a career in the medical field. Whenever I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would always confidently answer with “I want to be an artist!”

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Lanie Kugler

Social Media Manager

Hello, I’m Lanie! I am Vietnamese born, but raised in America for all my life! My pronouns are she/her. I graduated from Full Sail University with a B.S. in Film Production in 2019. When I am clocked out of My Pocket Partner, I am designing or working on products for my small business, ShiningStar.Co. (https://www.instagram.com/shiningstar.co/).

I wanted to give marketing a try, as I’ve experienced a bit of marketing with my small business. I’ve always loved meeting new people and building new networks with others because of marketing and social media. I can’t wait to see what My Pocket Partner has for me in the future!

Francheska May

Francheska May

Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Heyaa, I’m Francheska! A passionate creative from the Philippines. I believe designing isn’t just about pretty blings but also shiny impactful messages.

Through the years of loving design at the corner and putting marketing management in the spotlight as my education, who would’ve thought those two opposite directions met midway through my life and brought me to pursue what I love the most — design and marketing.

I also owe it to the people who believed in me and trust in what I do and what I am capable of, and through that, I can push through challenges and be where I am today.

You can usually find me on my Instagram @chescake.ai for my passion projects and design content, so see you around socials!

Sophia Salta

Sophia Salta


Hello, I’m Sophia! I’m a social media specialist and graphic designer based here in the Philippines.  My pronouns are she/her. I’m currently learning UX/UI design as a side hobby.

You can usually find me working on my Notion dashboard or making layouts for planner printables for my Etsy shop (https://www.etsy.com/shop/bysophiasalta). Other than that, I spend most of my time supporting my clients with their brands!