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For Agencies

Looking to outsource your social media clients?

We work with marketing agencies and social media solopreneurs that need an extra pair of hands. Apply for our Partner Program today to receive exclusive pricing for our services!

Referral Partner.
Earn 10% of our fee each month by referring a client to us!
White Label Partner.
As a White Label Partner, you can earn more profit while outsourcing the client work to us without our branding!
Agency Partner.
Create a custom contract with us that benefits both our agencies.

Why outsource to us?

High Quality Standards.
We don’t outsource to people outside of the country for less than minimum wage. We use our own team to uphold the same standards of quality work as you do.
Personalized Content.
Our phrase, “Adding the human touch to your business” still holds true. We learn about your clients, their brand, and their voice to put our own unique twist on personalizing their accounts.
Affordable Option.
Instead of hiring and spending the time and money to teach someone your marketing knowledge and best practices, our team already understands what is involved in the process.


Are there any contracts?
For our White Label and Agency Partner program, we like to build trust with our agency partners so our first contract will involve you staying with us for 3-6 months. Your contract then switches to a month-by-month plan and you can cancel at any time!
How will you know what to post?
We collect info beforehand on your client's industry, brand, mission goals, competitors, and target audiences so we can implement the right actions for your services.
Will my clients see My Pocket Partner?
For our White Label and Agency partnership, we work in two different ways: If you decide to take the role of your client’s account manager, we work directly with you instead of the client. We will provide your deliverables and your clients don’t have to contact us at all.

1.) If you do prefer us to have contact with the clients, you are required to provide us a single email address to use for the social media manager in charge of your client.

2.) We will not advertise on our website and platforms that we are involved in your clients’ social media accounts unless given written permission. However, we will use your client as a case study for internal use to present to potential leads and other agencies looking to partner with us.
Can I review your work before it goes live?
Yes! You will always be given the chance to review your content before we implement and we would never charge you extra for doing so.
What discounts do I get as a Partner?
Referral Partner
Through the referral partnership, you can earn 10% of our fee each month as long as the client continues using our service!

*The final earnings potential is subject to vary depending on the price of overall cost of the services provided; standard or custom.

White Label Partner
As a White Label Partner, we charge 75-85% of our service cost as a monthly fee.

Agency Partner
Discounts vary based on contract.
Do you have more information on the Partner Program?
Yes! You can download our Partner Program Informational Packet here.